Global Village Living-Learning Center | Beyond Profit: Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility
G220 | 32405 | Haiyun Liu

(3) (S&H) (TR) (3:35 - 5:35 pm) (2nd 8 weeks) (Global Village-Foster
Quad FQ012A).  Haiyun Liu.  Taking advantage of developing
countries’ prolonged tax holidays, extremely low wages, lack of
labor regulations or loose enforcement, and authoritative regimes,
some multinational corporations are growing both geographically and
financially into colossal tyrants. They dominate every aspect of our
lives. What responsibilities do the increasingly powerful and
outreaching multinational corporations (MNCs) have to its
stakeholders: consumers, employees, governments, the environment,
and the public? What we, common citizens, can do when MNCs act
unethically or commit criminal conducts that harm their workers,
consumers or the environment?

This course will start with cases illustrating MNCs’ globalizing
strategies, and the implications of this globalizing process. Then,
we will use specific business cases to examine the role and
responsibility of MNCs in perpetuating or alleviating the negative
consequences of globalization. Furthermore, we will study and
compare various proposals to define and address the social
responsibilities of MNCs including civil lawsuits, self-regulatory
efforts by MNCs, monitoring efforts by non-governmental
organizations, voluntary programs initiated by the UN, and citizens’
activist efforts. Finally, through an evaluation report, you will
choose a publicly-held MNC to incorporate your own research with the
readings and ideas you learned in class to examine and evaluate how
well your firm addresses its social responsibilities in a
globalizing world.