Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: LGBT Literatures
G104 | 13814 | Schweighofer

This course addresses oft-ignored themes in women's writing:
sexuality, desire, and relationships between women. Since the early
20th century, a rapidly growing subgenre has been identified as
lesbian literature, often marginalized within women's literature
courses and particularly within the literary canon at large.  How do
women depict their relationships through creative writing?  How do
fiction and poetry offer different possibilities for exploring
desire than nonfiction?  How does the historical moment for the
lesbian-identified subject affect the literary themes of the time?
This course will examine the works of a variety of authors exploring
lesbian and queer issues, including Virginia Woolf, Radclyffe Hall,
Audre Lorde, Allison Bechdel, Judy Grahn, Leslie Feinberg, and
others.  Students will also turn a critical eye to the concept of a
lesbian lit subgenre, considering what qualifications we use when
constructing the very categories of 'lesbian' and 'woman.' As such,
the course will generally address the elements of sex, gender, race,
and class, among other identities, particularly within various
historical and geographical contexts.  Course includes a heavy
fiction reading load.