Gender Studies | Seminar in Gender Studies: Gender, Comics and Animation
G498 | 18562 | Malti-Douglas

Graphic novels and animation have recently emerged as increasingly
visible and respected art forms  Graphic novels are distinguished by
the combination and intercalation of both visual and verbal
languages along with a length and sophistication that take them
beyond the traditional reputation of comics.  Animation invites the
viewer to engage herself in an ever-changing visual and auditory
experience, effectively involving different parts of the brain.  In
this class, we will examine graphic novels by both male and female
authors/artists, animated films by masters of the genre, like
Miyazaki, as well as selected episodes from television series.  We
will deal with topics that include the representation of the male
body, the female body, sexuality, marginality, and a a host of other
issues raised by our foray into visual and verbal worlds.  Since
this course involves new material, it can be taken for credit by
students who have taken my earlier courses on Gender and Comic