Spanish and Portuguese | Catalan Literature
C550 | 28301 | E. Illas

Professor Edgar Illas
email: eillas

C550	Catalan Literature

TR 8:00a – 9:15a/section# 28301/3 cr./BH 135

Topic:  Nationalism and Literature in Modern Catalonia

The emergence of Catalonia as a “nation without a state”
constitutes a singular and intriguing event in the context of modern
Europe. Catalonia as a political entity and cultural community has
not followed any of the two paths that are common in European
regions: neither has it become a sovereign state nor has it
gradually dissolved into another, larger national unit. Instead,
Catalonia occupies an in-between position that is a particularly
productive space to explore the puzzling relations between cultures,
states, and globalization.

The course will analyze some representative works of modern
Catalan literature vis-à-vis the political debates that traverse
them. We will look at some literary movements (Renaixença,
modernisme, noucentisme, avant-garda, literatura de l’exili,
postmodernitat) and focus on their relationship with the political
theories and figures that have shaped Catalan nationalism. Materials
will include literary works, political texts, manifestoes, speeches,
and biographies. Additionally, we will also study other cultural and
ideological forms of Catalan nationalism, such as the Catalan
philosemitism of the post-war, the nationalist mission of
Barcelona’s Football Club, or the collective imaginaries of the
Catalan diaspora.

This course meets jointly with Hisp C450.

The course will be taught in Catalan.

Prerequisite: C400 or previous knowledge of Catalan.