Spanish and Portuguese | Portugal: The Cultural Context
P411 | 30499 | Professor Estela Vieira

HISP-P 411  Portugal:  The Cultural Context  (3 credits)

“Portugal: The Cultural Context” is an interdisciplinary course on
contemporary Portugal. The course will be taught in English and is
open to undergraduate and graduate students. We will study the major
political, social, and cultural developments that have taken place
in Portugal since the demise in 1974 of the forty-year long Salazar
dictatorship. Portugal quickly goes from fighting a colonial war in
Africa trying to hold on to a centuries-old empire to a democratic
state of the European Union. In a short amount of time Portugal
experiences radical changes that shape different generations of
artists, influence its people, value systems, and social codes. In
this course we will explore how these political and social changes
emerge in the country’s artistic and social manifestations. How do
contemporary fiction, film, architecture, and painting address
issues such as the role of women in Portuguese society, emigration
and economic crises, and the more controversial and recent debates
over abortion and gay rights? What do they tell us about the complex
relationship between contemporary Portuguese society and its
evolving artistic and cultural expressions?

HISP-P 411  #30499  2:30P-3:45P  TR  Room=TBA   Prof. Estela Vieira

Note:  This class meets jointly with HISP-P 511, WEUR-W 406 and WEUR-
W 605.