Spanish and Portuguese | Luso-Brazilian Colloquia
P695 | 28307 | L. Namorato

Professor Luciana Namorato
email: lnamorat

P695	Luso-Brazilian Colloquia

TR 1:00p – 2:15p/section# 28307/3 cr./SY 0008

Topic:  Brazilian Baroque and its Echoes: A Transatlantic Approach

This course will examine fictional prose, poetry, sermons, and
essays written in Brazil in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth
centuries, focusing on their responses to the broader international
context of the Catholic Reformation and Counter Reformation, as well
as to a national environment marked by a strong Jesuit presence and
political instabilities, exemplified by the Dutch invasion of
Brazil. We will explore the connections between manifestations of
Brazilian Baroque in literature and other arts, as well as between
artistic productions of different regions of Brazil, as a means to
understand the role of Baroque art in the development of a Brazilian
national consciousness, which would serve as the basis for the pro-
independence and "ufanista" tones that characterize the literature
written in subsequent years. Readings will include works by Gregório
de Matos Guerra and Padre António Vieira, among other Baroque
writers, as well as a few relevant works from the Arcadian and Pre-
Romantic literary periods that echo the main tenets of Brazilian

Graduate students will write a midterm exam and a final paper.

This course meets jointly with Hisp P495 and Hisp P498.