Spanish and Portuguese | Second-Year Spanish I
S200 | 8271 | Staff

HISP-S 200 Second-Year Spanish I    (3 credits)
Prerequisite: HISP-S 105 or HISP-S 150 or equivalent.

This course reviews some of the basic structures studied in the
first year, and examines new structures at the intermediate level in
detail. Emphasis remains on the four skills and on critical thinking
skills. Short cultural readings and a mystery story are also
included throughout the chapters.  Grades are based on exams,
homework, compositions, participation, attendance, and a cumulative
final exam. Homework load is substantial.

Note:  Theses classes are for students who only need to fulfill
their foreign language requirement through the 3rd semester
proficiency (HISP-S 200) and do not plan to continue in Spanish
after this course.  Different text books will be used for these
sections.  Permission to register in these sections is required.
Call the office at (812) 855-8612 or e-mail for
a permission.

HISP-S 200  11280  10:10A-11:00A   MWF  BH 016
HISP-S 200  13730   1:25P-2:15P    MWF  SY 108
HISP-S 200  8271    2:30P-3:20P    MWF  BH 333