Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish American: The Cultural Context
S412 | 16832 | Professor Anke Birkenmaier

HISP-S412 Spanish America:  The Cultural Context (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  One course from S324, S328, S331, S333, S334.

From Dirty Wars to Narco Wars: Violence in Latin America.

Historians, political scientists and sociologists as well as
literary and film critics have studied the pervasive presence of
dictatorships in 19th and 20th century Latin America, and more
recently, the increasingly violent confrontations between drug
cartels and the military. Drawing on non-fiction novels and novels,
TESTIMONIOS and films, photography, music and short stories, we will
analyze how the history of violence has been told in and about three
Latin American countries in the twentieth and twenty-first
centuries: Cuba, Colombia, and Mexico. We will closely look at how
fiction and art interact with contemporary media culture to create a
complex picture of the discussion on violence in Latin America. To
that effect, we will practice a cultural studies approach that
combines historical contextualization and close attention to
different forms of cultural expression. Students will be evaluated
based on class participation, a presentation, short writing
assignments and a final research project.

This course is taught in Spanish and carries Culture Studies and
A & H credit.

HISP-S 412   #16832    8:00A-8:50A    MWF    BH 337
Prof. Anke Birkenmaier