Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Sociolinguistics
S429 | 16835 | Professor Manuel Díaz-Campos

HISP-S 429  Hispanic Sociolinguistics  (3 credits)    LINGUISTICS
Prerequisites:  HISP-S 326 or equivalent

This undergraduate course provides an introduction to the basic
concepts in sociolinguistics. Notions such as speech community,
sociolinguistic variable, phonological and syntactic variation, and
field methods will be included.

The course also surveys other related topics such as discourse
analysis, language and power, language ideology, language attitudes,
languages in contact, language and gender, and language and the law.
We will focus on research examining the use of Spanish in Latin
America and Spain as well as in the US. Class time will be divided
in lectures, discussion, and analysis of problem solving cases.

The evaluation will be based on participation, homework activities,
experimental activities, and exams.


After successful completion of this course, the student will:
•   be familiar with the basic concepts of sociolinguistics studies;
•   be able to recognize linguistic variation at different levels,
including the individual, societal, regional, and national, as
well as across time;
•   apply the basic concepts of sociolinguistic to understanding
research materials to be read in future linguistics courses;
•   be prepared to design a small research project in
•   have learned about linguistic diversity in the United States and
in bilingual/multilingual communities;
•   be familiar with some political and social issues related to

HISP-S 429 #16835  3:35P-4:25P MWF  BH 337  Prof. Manuel Díaz-Campos
Note:  This course carries N & M credit.