Spanish and Portuguese | 19th & 20th-Century Spanish American Literature
S668 | 28325 | C. Good

Professor Carl Good
email: carlgood

S668   19th & 20th-Century Spanish American Literature

TR 11:15a – 12:30p/section# 28325/3 cr./BH 321

Topic: Poetry and Politics in 19th and Early 20th-Century Hispanic

This course will explore the relation between poetry and politics
during the century following independence in Hispanic America.  We
will try to be as eclectic as possible in exploring this relation,
by approaching it through a number of historical and theoretical
perspectives.  On the historical level, we will look at
representations of geography and space; the presence of North
America in the Hispanic poetic context; the motif of travel, and the
role of print.  On a theoretical level, we will look at a number of
different conceptions of the relation between aesthetics and
politics in the 19th century, focusing particularly on essays by
Jacques Ranciére, Walter Benjamin, Julia Kristeva, Georges Bataille
and others.

The poets we will read include Manuel Zequeira y Arango, José María
Heredia, Andrés Bello, Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, Rubén Darío,
José Asunción Silva, José Martí and Delmira Agustini.  In our
discussions of North American poetry’s relation to Hispanic America,
we will also do some reading in the work of H.W. Longfellow and Walt
Whitman.  Taking into account that seminar participants may not have
extensive experience with poetry, the course will also serve as an
introductory survey of this period of Hispanic American poetry in
addition to providing a context for learning about theoretical
problems that have broad relevance to other areas of literary study.