Spanish and Portuguese | U.S. Latino &/or Caribbean Literature
S688 | 28322 | A. Birkenmaier

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Professor Anke Birkenmaier
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S688	U.S. Latino &/or Caribbean Literature

MW 11:15a – 12:30p/section# 30970/3 cr./BH 141

Topic:  Modern Spanish Caribbean Literature

In this course we will explore key notions of Spanish Caribbean
literature--with a few forays into the French Caribbean--, as they
have evolved from the Haitian Revolution until today. The hypothesis
of this course is that diaspora and exile have been constitutive
experiences throughout the history of the Caribbean, giving shape to
collective and national identities in a variety of ways. Through
readings of essays, poetry and novels by José Martí, Antonio Benítez
Rojo, the Afro-Hispanic avant-gardes, Alejo Carpentier, René
Marques, Junot Díaz, and Mayra Santos Febres, among others we will
look at how Caribbean writers have reflected in this context on
ideas of nation, race and gender, post-national citizenship and

Essays by Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Edouard Glissant, Juan Flores,
Arcadio Díaz Quiñones, Aimé Césaire, Rafael Rojas, Edward Said will
be paired with literary readings.

Requirements: Two papers, one final exam and one in-class