History | Eastern Europe: 1944-Present
D330 | 28341 | Kenney

Above class carries Culture Studies credit
Above class for undergraduates and Education MA's only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors

Eastern Europeís 20th century was a brutal one, of war, genocide,
dictatorship, and hardship. But it was also an era that culminated
in non-violent democratic revolutions. This course will explore the
history of Eastern European experience from World War One through
the Communist era to the present, in the region between Russia and
Germany, stretching from the Baltic states to the Balkans. Topics
covered will include the struggle to maintain independence in the
years between the wars; the social, economic, and moral devastation
of World War Two; the reasons for Communismís victory; the
experience of Communism; the emergence of dissent; factors in the
fall of Communism; and the transformation of the region since 1989,
including the Yugoslav genocides and the accession to the European