History | American History II
H106 | 8351 | Andrews

Above class open to freshmen and sophomores only

At the end of the Civil War, the United States was a divided country
of ashes. Hundreds of thousands of people lay dead, cities were in
ruin, and an entire region of the country had been destroyed by the
biggest war in American history. However, less than a hundred years
later the United States was a military superpower and arguably the
most influential cultural, political and economic nation in the

This course will explore how this development happened by tracing
the transformation of the United States into an industrial society
that exerted influence around the globe. By looking at society,
culture, and politics we will examine how the United States changed
at home and abroad from the end of the nineteenth century to the
dawn of the twenty-first. We will examine the rise and fall of
racial segregation, the effects of the Great Depression, the waging
of two major (and at least two minor) world wars, the shifting
meanings and influence of liberalism and conservatism, and the
origins and end of the Cold War. Throughout the course we will try
and explain how the United States rose from the wreckage of civil
war to make the twentieth century “The American Century.”