History | The Family in History
H231 | 28348 | Ipsen

Above class carries Culture Studies credit
Above class open to undergraduates only
Above class fulfills the College Topics requirement

This course explores the history of the family and marriage from
ancient times to more or less the present. The focus is largely
European (with a nod to Greece and Rome), but includes detours
outside of Europe (Asia, Africa, indigenous America) as well as to
the neo-Europes (especially the US). We start by asking "what is a
family" and go on to look at the variety of responses across time
and space. We look especially at marriage, often considered the
central family institution, and the ways in which marriage has
reponded to family, social, political and economic needs, and even
to the odd concept of love. The main text is: Stephanie
Coontz, "Marriage, a History. How Love Conquered Marriage." New
York, Penguin, 2005.