History | Teaching United States History
H593 | 28349 | Sandweiss

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This course offers a practical and intellectual introduction to the
craft of teaching United States history.  Students preparing for
future work in the classroom will begin by exploring the
construction of the conventions and narratives of United States
history.  We then examine how these conventions have intertwined
with developments in the theory and practice of history teaching—
generally, and in the US in particular.  Finally, students work
together and singly to establish the range of skills necessary for
creative, fearless classroom teaching:  provoking meaningful
discussions;  organizing and delivering lively lectures;  preparing
provocative reading lists from textbooks, primary documents, and web-
based media;  grading student work;  and constructing coherent
course syllabi.

Readings average one book or two-to-three articles weekly.  Active
participation, and occasional classroom visits outside of class
hours, are expected.