History | Barbarians in Europe and the Mediterranean
H610 | 15283 | Deliyannis

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with HIST-H710

The early Middle Ages is sometimes characterized as the era in which
barbarians overran the Roman empire.  Who were these barbarians?
What did the term mean to people of the time, and what has it meant
to more recent historians?  The readings for this class will
consider primary sources and scholarly literature about the period
AD 300-1000, but individual papers on earlier or later historical
periods are also welcome.  We will be looking at histories,
lawcodes, letters, government documents, theological writings, and
other types of texts.  We will discuss 20th-century scholarship
about these peoples, how they were defined by the Romans, how they
defined themselves, and how we define them today.

Students will present short oral reports in class, and will write
either a bibliographic essay or a research paper (depending on
whether the class is being taken as a colloquium or a seminar) on a
subject of the student's choice.