History | The Cold War
J300 | 14162 | Kuromiya

Above class COLL intensive writing section
Above class open to undergraduates only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors

This course deals with the Cold War as seen and experienced by the
other side, i.e. by the leaders and the people of the Soviet Union.
The study of the Cold War is an exciting field because the formerly
closed archives of the former Soviet Union have opened up to an
extent.  As a result, there are many new sources and much new
literature has become available.  They are still growing at a rapid

Students will read some of the most important new literature on the
subject and, drawing on new documents (available in English), write
an essay on a topic to be decided in consultation with the
instructor.  While the focus is on the Soviet side, approaches
comparing the American and the Soviet experiences are also