History | World History on the Fly
J301 | 12001 | Shopkow

Above class reserved for Teacher Certification Social Studies
students.  Enrollment in other Education courses required.  Contact
Dorothy Slota, Education 1064 for online authorization and
Above class COLL intensive writing section

When you get a job as a social studies teacher, you will very
probably have to teach a survey of World History, but you’ve
probably not taken a World History survey since high school and
can’t remember much about it (mummies, yeah, Confucius, perhaps).
How can we make sense of the history of the World in a year, when we
can spend a whole year studying the measly 300-400 years of American
history?  In this course (call it boot camp for World History
Teachers) we’re going to concentrate on the traditional first half
of a World History Survey (the world to about 1450). However, the
purpose of the course is not only to reacquaint you with the content
of world history, but also to provide you with a greater
understanding of historical thinking and some ideas about how to
organize this mass of material pedagogically. To this end, we will
use multiple textbooks, and work collaboratively in an intense way
to build possible understandings of World History; we will also read
a little theory about World History and some pedagogical literature
as well.

This course will depend on each of its participants pulling his or
her own weight. This will not be a lecture course. Students will be
evaluated on weekly assignments and class participation. The final
project will be a plan for a lesson in World History with an
accompanying paper justifying the lesson choices you have made.