History | Conspiracy Theories in History
J301 | 28361 | Cullather

Above class reserved for teacher certification Social Studies
students.  Enrollment in other Education courses required.  Contact
Dorothy Slota, Education 1064 for online authorization and
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While Americans claim to live in a free and open society, they
remain fascinated by stories of hidden and malign forces behind
great events. Da Vinci codes, lone gunmen, phony birth certificates,
and twin towers haunt our national subconscious.  Our reaction, as
teachers and historians, is often to dismiss these tales as fantasy,
but can it be that simple?  J301 will ask why so many Americans
refuse to accept the official version of history, what rules of
logic or evidence separate history from conspiracy theory, and how
the widespread belief in dark plots has shaped American history
since the dawn of the atomic age.  Students will use contemporary
sources--newspapers, magazines, government documents--to begin a
search for the truth.