Honors | Reading and Writing Contemporary Poetry (HON)
H203 | 8380 | Richard Cecil

MW 1:00-2:15pm
HU 108

In this section of H203, we will read seven books of poetry--three
by great, dead 20th century poets, and four by contemporaries whose
work promises to place them among the great dead poets of the
future. The writing required for the course will be poems--one for
each poet we read and discuss. On alternate weeks we will discuss
student poems in a writer's workshop format, so that the course will
be equally divided between reading and writing.

This course should interest two types of students--poets, or future
poets, who wish to deepen and broaden their knowledge of
contemporary poetry, and readers and critics who wish to study the
methods by which a poem is put together.

Course texts:
Robert Lowell           LIFE STUDIES & FOR THE UNION DEAD
Elizabeth Bishop        THE COMPLETE POEMS 1927-1979
Robert Hayden           COLLECTED POEMS
Yusef Komunyakaa        MAGIC CITY
Richard Newman          DOMESTIC FUGUES
Maura Stanton           IMMORTAL SOFA