Honors | Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (HON)
H205 | 16924 | Adam Leite

TuTh 11:15am-12:30pm
HU 108

Prerequisite: fulfillment of the English composition requirement

Freudian psychoanalysis was the first attempt to work out
systematically the idea that much of our behavior is the product of
psychological forces which we do not understand and cannot become
aware of in an ordinary way. While many of Freud's specific theories
and claims have been superseded, the guiding ideas of psychoanalysis
amount to a distinctive conception of what it is to be human. We
will consider philosophical issues arising in relation to this
conception and ask what implications it might have for philosophy.
Topics to be addressed include:  the unconscious, the very idea that
the psyche contains distinct parts or systems, sexuality,
repression, rationality, shame, self-knowledge, and moral

Readings from Plato, Freud, Sartre, and contemporary philosophers
including Donald Davidson, Thomas Nagel, Martha Nussbaum, and
Jonathan Lear. For much of the semester our guide will be Jonathan
Lear, a contemporary philosopher and practicing psychoanalyst,
whose recent book _Freud_ makes the case that Freud is best
understood not so much as a scientist, but as a philosopher. (No
prior experience of philosophy or psychoanalysis expected.)