Honors | Honors Course in Differential Equations II (MATH)
S344 | 12016 | Shouhong Wang

TuTh 11:15am-12:30pm
BH 242

Meets with Math-M 344

Honors Course in Differential Equations II (3 cr.) N & M P: S343 or
M343, M212, M301 or M303, and consent of the department. Covers the
topics of M344, in addition to more theoretical material, which may
include topics such as the uniqueness theorem for the inversion of
the Laplace transform, introduction to the theory of distributions,
derivation of the heat and wave equations, eigenvalues of
Sturm-Liouville boundary problems, and oscillation theory applied to
special functions. Meets with M344, and the additional material will
be incorporated in weekly homework sets. Exams will include some of
this additional material.