History and Philosophy Of Science | Human Perspectives on Science :"The Scientist and the Cinema"
X100 | 8842 | Laura Seger

Quick, picture a scientist.  Is he a crazy man with bad hair?  A
marginally OCD woman in a lab coat?  A bespectacled recluse with
allergies?  Have the movies played a role in shaping your mental

In this course we’ll attempt to answer that question by exploring
the portrayal of scientists in film.  We will identify the major
archetypes presented, such as the "mad scientist" and the "scientist
as savior", and we’ll examine how historical events reinforced this
imagery.  We will also discuss how the cinematic stereotype of the
scientist -- nerdy, socially awkward, physically weak -- has shaped
society's view of today's scientific community.

Required Text:
Christopher Frayling (2006). Mad, Bad and Dangerous?: The Scientist
and the Cinema. Reaktion Books.  ISBN: 978-1861892850.