Journalism | Hot Topics in Journalism
C201 | 8892 | L. Camaj

Description for both classes: Do the media occupy a “hot” space in audiences’ everyday
lives? Without the media, how do we come to know the “who, what, where, when, and why”
of newsworthy people and controversies in politics, economics, and entertainment?

The colorful images and words of newspapers, television news and online
journalism have created a shared media culture with audiences across
the world. Many people encounter the media in airports, cafes,
classrooms, living rooms, gyms and in their cars. In the United States,
it has become increasingly difficult to avoid or escape media. In this
course, we will go behind the curtains of online information, newspaper
pages, and television screens to gain a better understanding of how
media shape the reality that we sometimes take for granted. This
includes media coverage of war, politics and sports, and issues such as
media privacy and bias.