J210 | 8903 | Lesa Hatley Major

11:15A-12:30P   MW     EP 220
JOUR–J 210 Visual Communication (3 cr.) Theories of visual communications including
human perception, psychology of color, and principles of design. Application of those
theories to photography, video, and graphic design in news communication.
Visual Communication introduces you to the principles of visual literacy and gives you
hands-on experiences in three media of visual communication: photography, videography,
and the World Wide Web. We model visual literacy on verbal literacy: You learn to read
other people’s visual messages and then use that knowledge to tell your own visual stories.
The Internet has destroyed the old barriers that separated print and television. Media
technologies are merging and morphing so rapidly that it is impossible to foresee the
developments you will encounter during your careers. In J210 we give you visual story-
telling tools you can adapt to your career and personal life in this shifting media landscape.
The J210 lab sessions, exercises, and assignments teach you how to operate a digital
camera, a digital audio recorder, a video camera and several software applications on the
Macintosh computer, as well as how to put them on the Internet where an audience of a
billion has access to them.