J360 | 17542 | Dennis Elliott

04:00P-05:15P   MW     EP 157
Informed Health Reporting:  P: J 110,  J 155, J 210. J261 Ernie Pyle Scholars freshman seminar
can be substituted for JOUR-J 110. There are few constants that have the level of importance
for society that accurate and timely health information must provide.  This course looks at
domestic and international health reporting, not only from the perspective of health news
events, but also the role of the media in the publicís health education.  Ethical responsibilities
of the health reporter, interpretation of health statistics, recognition of health stories that
have far reaching implications over extended periods of time, sensitivities that need to be
respected, and governmental initiatives are among the specific topics to be explored.
Students will monitor what health stories are dominating the news and being delivered in
print, broadcast, online and through social media channels.