J360 | 17712 | RSTR Bonnie Layton

11:15A-12:30P   TR     EP 213
Prerequisite: At lease sophomore standing. Will give students hands-on experiences in
reporting, producing and presenting stories for the twenty-first century media environment.
Students will create three major projects, and present them on the web in a job portfolio site:
1) Photograph a picture story, gather natural sound and interviews, and edit them together
into a sound-slide show for the web. 2) Shoot and edit a video story for the web. 3) Create an
animation in Flash for the web. Students will create their websites in Dreamweaver and Flash.
The course will build on the photography and videography skills from J210, but will go
beyond them. Flash represents a new skill, not included in J210. J360 may be taken without
J210 with instructor permission, and may be repeated once for credit with a different topic.