Journalism | Agency Practicum
J460 | 14206 | PERM Craig Wood

05:45P-07:00P   MW     EP 157
Practicum (cr. 3) P: Junior/senior standing and instructor permission. Instructor: Craig Wood.
This course is a capstone, professional service learning experience designed to model the
operations, functions, business practices and service offerings of world-class integrated
communication agencies. Through the agency structure, students will develop and implement
public relations, advertising and related communication consultancy services or actual
business clients. Students will work in teams as they would in an agency setting. They will
encounter the real-world challenges of managing their time and projects, being accountable
for results to their clients and learning how to work together. Necessary industry professional
skills, proficiencies and business practices will be developed through the hands-on learning
experience. J 460 may be repeated for credit with different topics. It may be taken twice
under the Agency 7 topic.