Journalism | Globalization, Media, and Social Change
J614 | 17185 | Radhika Parameswaran

01:00P-02:15P   TR     EP 205
(cr. 3)
Globalization remains an imperfect, but ubiquitous term that is widely used in academia and
in the business, policy, and cultural arenas to define, explain, and justify the economic,
political, and technological forces that shape the lives of citizens across the world. This
course seeks to critically examine the phenomena that comprise globalization and explore
the role that media technologies (newspapers, magazines, television, and online media) and
media genres (news and popular culture) play in constituting our identities as audiences,
citizens, workers, consumers, and activists. The topics addressed in the course include
globalization and media theory, issues of hybridity and national identity, dilemmas in
ethnographic research and fieldwork, journalism and journalists, cultural representations of
globalization processes, migration and urbanization, and online activism.