Jewish Studies | Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II
B250 | 28416 | A. Weiss

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II
Ayetlet Weiss
JSTU-B 250  (3 cr.) #28416
P: Grade of C or higher in B200 or equivalent proficiency.
MWF	10:10-11:00
(Meets with NELC-N 517)

Completes College foreign language requirement; Jewish Students
students matriculating at IU beginning Summer 2009 and after: Can
count in any category toward Jewish Studies major or certificate;
Jewish Studies students matriculating at IU before Summer 2009: Can
count in Language and Literature or as an “any category” course.

This course is offered as the fourth semester of the Biblical Hebrew
language track. Classes meet three times a week. The course is based
on topics covered in the B200 course. This course addresses topics
in the grammar of Biblical Hebrew, focusing on the nominal and the
verbal systems, comparing the earlier Biblical Hebrew language of
poetry to the language of the later periods in Biblical Hebrew. The
course is conducted in Hebrew, as issues pertaining to the Biblical
Hebrew language and its grammar are discussed, analyzed, and
explained using Hebrew terms and the spoken Hebrew language.