Jewish Studies | Individual Readings in Hebrew
H497 | 28419 | A. Weiss

Individual Readings in Hebrew
A. Weiss
JSTU-H 497  (1-4 cr.) #28419
P: Permission of Hebrew Program Director (email
Arranged time
May qualify as one of 300 level or above courses required for
completion of minor in Hebrew.

This course offers individual students the opportunity to conduct
guided readings on a variety of topics in Hebrew. The topics are
determined based on the studentís interests and needs, and will be
decided upon between the individual student and the faculty member.
The course may be used to focus on Hebrew for academic needs or on
Hebrew for linguistic, literary, or cultural interests.

Registration is based on authorization by the director of the Modern
Hebrew Language Program. Such authorization also determines the
amount of credit awarded each student, in correlation with the scope
of readings and work they will perform.