Jewish Studies | Jews and Race in the United States
J303 | 28425 | S. Imhoff

Jews and Race in the United States
Sarah Imhoff
JSTU-J 303 Arts & Humanities Topics in Jewish Studies #28425/REL-A
300 Studies in African, European, & West Asian Religions #27789 (3
TR 4:00-5:15 p.m.
A&H, Jewish Studies History & Society or Religion & Thought course

Are Jews white? Are Jews a race? How does the Jewish community
relate to “other” races? This class will explore the wide spectrum
of ways American Jews have thought of themselves in relation to the
idea of race and how have the answers to these questions changed
over time. Looking at both contemporary and historical sources, we
will discuss how Jews fit into the racial landscape in different
times and places. This course will analyze the complex relationship
of Jews and African Americans, from slavery to Jim Crow to Civil
Rights to the incident in Crown Heights. It will also consider
topics such as Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews in the United States, the
place of Jews as immigrants and subjects of “race science” in the
early twentieth century, the role of race in American Jewish
literature, music, and theater, and the contemporary realities of
Jews of different races through adoption, conversion, and