Jewish Studies | Israel's Environment: Sustainable Development in the Promised Land
J304 | 17387 | T. Arieli

Israelís Environment: Sustainable Development in the Promised Land
Tamar Arieli
JSTU-J 304  Social & Historical Topics in Jewish Studies (3 cr.)
W 4:00-6:00 p.m.
8 seats are reserved for Jewish Studies students under #28426.
S&H, Jewish Studies History & Society course

This course will introduce students to the contemporary
environmental challenges in modern Israel. We will analyze the roots
of these challenges through examining the environmental development
of Israel.

Through class discussions and readings, we will address issues such
as agricultural and industrial development and urbanization and
their toll on the natural environment, water and scarce resource
management policies and social-environmental conflict. We will
evaluate the development of the concept of sustainable environmental
planning in Israel and its implementation in policy. The political
aspects of the environment will be introduced and we will discuss
current ideas and plans regarding management of the Israel-Arab
conflict and facilitating cooperation through environmental activism.

In addition to learning about Israel's environment, students will
develop skills in public policy analysis and in the
interdisciplinary aspects of environment, society, ideology,
conflict, and economy.

No prior background in environmental studies is required.