Jewish Studies | Israel: Culture, Food, and Education
P180 | 30068 | J. Veidlinger

Israel: Culture, Food, and Education
J. Veidlinger
JSTU-P 180  Leadership in Jewish Studies #30068  (1 cr.)
M 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

In this P180, you will learn all about Israel. Geography, Culture,
Food, Music, Education, Medicine, Technology, Dancing and so much
more! You will also have the opportunity to plan and execute
Israelpalooza, the Israeli Party of the Year in Bloomington!

The P180 courses are designed to be practical in nature allowing
students from the College and other schools on campus to gain
practical leadership experience in the community with a focus on
Jewish Studies. Students will be graded on attendance, active
participation, and a journal that the each student keeps throughout
the semester and in which they reflect on their course experiences
May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 3 credits.