Latino Studies | American Borderlands
L200 | 31003 | Geneva Gano

LATS L200 American Borderlands (3 credits)
2:30 p.m.-3:45 p.m.   MW   BH 219
Class No. 31003
Instructor: Professor Geneva Gano
This class is joint-listed with American Studies AMST-A200

The U.S./Mexico Border has a distinct culture and a distinct
aesthetic.  In this course students will explore cultural texts—-
primarily literature and film—as we consider how national, social,
and political identities have been constructed by the many peoples
who inhabit the region.
Our classroom will work as a space of critical debate, where you
will be asked to discuss and explain your own readings of literary
and artistic texts.  While this course will be grounded in
literature and the arts, you will be encouraged to bring in your own
expertise in non-literary fields that relate to the issues developed
in this course, particularly ethnic and gender studies (especially
relevant to our connection of Indian, mestizo and Spanish identity
in the texts); history (especially of Mexico and the American West,
but also to early 20th century world history); media studies (in
connection to the professionalization of journalism, the rise of the
movie industry and tourism); anthropology (especially focused in the
American Southwest and Mexico); and art history.