Linguistics | Corpus Linguistics
L615 | 27716 | Kuebler

Meets with L485

Advances in computer technology have revolutionized the ways linguists
can approach their data. By using computers, we can access large
bodies of text (corpora) and search for the phenomena in which we are
interested. Corpora give us a chance to uncover complexities in
naturally-occurring data and explore issues related to frequency of usage.

In this course, we will approach the following questions such as the
following: What exactly is a corpus, and what isn't? What corpora
exist? How are corpora developed? What is XML, and why do we need it?
How do we find a specific phenomenon in a large corpus?  What is a
concordancer? Do we need syntactic annotation? Are there programs that
do the annotation for me? Are there tools that help me search in
linguistically annotated corpora?

No programming experience is assumed, familiarity with computers is

We will work with the following textbook:

Tony McEnery, Richard Xiao, Yukio Tono (2006) Corpus-Based Language
Studies. Routledge.