Mathematics | Modal Logic
M384 | 27932 | Larry Moss

Modal Logic (3 cr.) P: P250, and one 300-level mathematics course, or
consent of the instructor. N & M Introduction to modal logic with
emphasis on systems of modal logic which apply to philosophy and
computer science. Includes epistemic logic, temporal logic, deontic
logic, and logics for reasoning about space. Covers the semantics of
these systems, and only secondarily will be concerned with the
standard results about them.

Are you interested in studying a branch of logic

*  has ancient roots, and yet is in full bloom today
*  figures into discussions in philosophy and computer science
*  will allow you to sharpen your skills with mathematical proofs

If so, Modal Logic (M384) could be just the class for you!

The course doesn't really require a background in logic.
Of course,  a basic course would help.   It is essential, however, to
have had some proof-oriented math class, such as linear algebra.

The goal of the course is to study logical systems that are used
in modeling what people 'know' and 'believe', and ones in which
they change their minds.   So the topics and examples will mainly
be from the social world.    At the same time, the subject quickly
becomes mathematical, because one must understand the models
at a deep level in order to draw interesting conclusions.

For more information:  Prof. L. Moss