Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | International Political Controversies: US Foreign Policy and the Muslim World
N122 | 29126 | Abdulkader H. Sinno

04:00P-06:00P MW WH 120

This ten-week course introduces you to some salient policy debates
that shape American Foreign policy towards the Middle East and the
Muslim world today.  We will address the following big policy
questions, as time permits: 1) Should the US have invaded Iraq in
2003? 2) How should the US manage its relationship with Iran? 3)
Should the US continue to occupy Afghanistan? 4) How should the US
exit Afghanistan? 5) Is the use of torture by American forces
legitimate, moral or useful? and 6) Is the US supporting Democracy in
the Middle East?
The course is divided in three broad parts: Part One (weeks 1-3): Part
One introduces you to the analytical skills we need and to the
geography, politics and cultures of the area we study.  This is a very
reading-intensive phase. Part Two (weeks 4-7):  We will deal directly
with the big questions of this course in Part Two.  This is also a
very reading-intensive phase.  You will also become part of a
discussion team of five students. Part Three (weeks 8-10): Talks by
academics and candidates for representing our district in Congress.
You will do less reading in part three but you are expected to attend
all the talks and to work on your paper.
Students are expected to attend class, engage in discussions and write
short essays, write a six-page paper, and take three tests.