Political and Civil Engagement | Making Public Decisions
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Climate Change?
Same-Sex Marriage?

How do decisions on these and countless other major public issues get
made in America?

This course provides the answers by giving students an
interdisciplinary introduction to public decision-making in the United
States from the local community to the national capital.  They learn
about the role of political institutions and civic organizations such
as political parties, faith-based organizations, neighborhoods groups,
non-profit advocacy organizations, legislatures, courts,
administrative agencies, and the media.  They also learn the primary
skills needed for effective engagement in political and civic
discussion, deliberation, communication, advocacy and action. The
course concludes by asking students to make individual and group
decisions about a major issue facing Americans today.

C211 is a core course for the PACE certificate, and distributes as S&H
in the College. See http://pace.indiana.edu for more information;
email pace@indiana.edu with any questions.

Course Objectives
Students who successfully complete this course should develop the
--A basic understanding of the primary institutions of U.S.
government and civil society and the actors, institutions, and
organizations involved in making public decisions.
--A basic understanding of the core concepts and working vocabulary
of U.S. public and civic life.
--The ability to use interdisciplinary research on U.S. political and
civic decision-making to analyze public issues.
--The ability to use the key sources for making public decisions,
such as legislation, government reports, judicial decisions, newspaper
and other media articles, and non-governmental agencies and advocacy
group websites.
--The ability to work with those who hold opposing views and devise
effective solutions to public problems through democratic decision-making.
--The ability to take informed and principled stands on major public
issues and to communicate them in an effective and persuasive manner
in a variety of venues.