Political and Civil Engagement | Issues Forum
C400 | ALL | Bergonzi

This course satisfies the Issues Forum requirement for the PACE
certificate and is also open to any interested student.

A committee of PACE students and faculty plan and facilitate this
one-day retreat. The Forum includes a common stimulus about the issue
for deliberation, like a panel presenting multiple perspectives. Then
the participants discuss in small groups their own ideas, values,
experiences, and needs relating to the topic. The small groups rejoin
for a concluding large group deliberation on priorities for action on
the issue.

For Feb. 19, 2011, students have proposed that the issue to be
discussed will be immigration. A preparatory reading and written
reflection assignment will be due from each participant before the
Forum and a post-Forum position and reflection paper is also required.

Contact pace@indiana.edu with any questions. http://pace.indiana.edu