Philosophy | Thinking and Reasoning
P105 | 16171 | Tillman, Chris

The aim of the course is to provide each student means to develop
basic skills which underlie critical thinking and to facilitate that
development.  Some of those skills include being able to
recognizing, analyze, and evaluate arguments, to identify reasons
and conclusions, to identify and evaluate assumptions, to clarify
and interpret expressions and ideas, to judge the acceptability and
credibility of reasons and sources, to draw inferences, and to
produce arguments.  The course also aims to instill in each student
an appreciation of the value of critical thinking and to inspire her
or him to use the skills developed in the course outside of it.

The text for this course is Critical Thinking: An Introduction, by
Alec Fisher.  Other materials will be made available throughout the
course.  These include handouts on logical fallacies, supplementary
arguments for analysis and evaluation, and references to online
resources for discussion.