Political Science | Urban Politics
Y308 | 28471 | Chan

This course is an introduction to the theories of urban politics. The
urban setting provides a particular context for political behavior to
emerge and evolve. Political actors in urban areas are often
confronted with problems that are unique to city governance; a sound
understanding of those characteristics and features that shape the
power structure and policy discourse of the city is required for
informed scholarly analysis as well as sound managerial practice.

While this course traditionally focuses on urban politics in America,
we will make extensive use of overseas cases to illustrate the
political life in urban areas across different cultural, social, and
economic contexts. We will also look at some analytical techniques,
including network analysis and agent-based modeling, to figure out how
the theories of urban politics can be applied using advanced methods.
Students will use theory to inform their judgment about particular
issues and problems and then employ appropriate methods to address
their research interests.

Assessment is based on class participation, a group presentation, and
a term paper. There will be no examination. Students are expected to
work with their assigned team to produce a presentation and
participate in weekly discussions. The term paper will be individual work.