Political Science | Central Asia and the Caucasus in World Politics
Y362 | 28477 | Hierman

The geopolitical positioning of Central Asia and the Caucasus has long
made these regions zones of interaction between globally powerful
social forces such as world religions, empires and international
trade.  The strategic importance of the states of Central Asia
(Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and
Uzbekistan) and the Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia)
continues into the present as world powers such as the US, Russia,
Iran and China all have significant interests in these two regions.
This course will focus on these interests in order to explore how
international dynamics continue to shape the states of these regions,
but it will also examine how forces emanating from within Central Asia
and the Caucasus impact the international system. Among the crucial
issues of these regions that we will cover include the politics of oil
and gas pipelines, the international dimensions of environmental
degradation, inter-state and intra-state conflict, transnational
terrorism, the politics of counter-insurgency, and narcotics trafficking.