Political Science | Researching the Politics of Muslim Countries
Y657 | 10542 | Sinno

Political Science Y657/NELC N695
Researching the Politics of Muslim Countries

Woodburn Hall 205 on Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 pm

This course introduces you to some of the latest academic literature
and debates on the politics of Muslim-majority countries and the
research methods used in these studies.  We will focus primarily on
studies centered on the Middle East, including Afghanistan, and North
Africa.  Topics addressed in the readings include: the dynamics
between government and opposition, Islamist parties, resources and
economic development, conflict and civil war, the durability of
authoritarianism, prospects for democratization and/or Islamization of
government, gender issues, civil society, and social and educational
development.  The studies we will discuss are grounded in a large
variety of methodological approaches, including comparative studies,
statistics, game theory, ethnography, elite interviews and
experiments.  Participants in the seminar will write a research paper
on a topic related to the course.