Political Science | The Politics of Development
Y657 | 15731 | Kennedy

Economic development is one of the most important achievements of a
society, yet one of the most difficult to attain. While some countries
and regions have developed, many have stagnated. Not only is
development intrinsically important and elusive, it has also received
enormous attention by economists, political scientists, and other
analysts. Not surprisingly, there is no consensus as to the causes of
development or even what constitutes development itself. This course
begins by examining the debate over the role of government in
promoting development and then proceeds to consider qualifications and
conditions that make governments more or less likely to positively
contribute to development. We will look at experiences from around the
globe, through case studies, structured comparisons, and large-N
analyses. And we will take into account international as well as
domestic factors that may shape development. Requirements include
150-200 pages of weekly reading, 2 short papers, and a research project.