Psychology and Brain Sciences | Social Psychological Individual Differences
P304 | 13674 | Rydell, R.

This course is intended to show students how scientifically
examining ourselves and the world around us can help us understand
the actions of ourselves, other individuals, and groups. In this
course, the class will be examining "classic" studies in Social
Psychology as well as more recent advances in Social Psychological
research and theory. The class will examine several topics important
to psychologist in general, from cognition to motivation to
perception, and applying them to social targets and social
interactions. In this course we will examine not only how
individuals (including the self) or groups act, but also why
individuals and groups act in the ways that they do. Thus, goals of
this course are to introduce you to Social Psychology, critically
examine the methods of social psychologists, understand important
Social Psychological phenomenon and why they occur, and apply
findings from Social Psychology to everyday life.