Psychology and Brain Sciences | Topics in Psychology: Stress Effects on Brain and Behavior
P457 | 28491 | C. Wellman

Stress Effects on Brain and Behavior.  Stress produces a variety of
effects, both beneficial and detrimental, on the brain and
behavior.  This seminar will examine the neurobiology of stress
effects on cognition, psychopathology, and health, from the cellular
to the systems level.  Through readings drawn from primary
literature sources, discussions, and lectures, you will develop a
base of knowledge and think critically about stress and its neural
and behavioral effects.  Topics covered may include physiology of
the stress response, stress effects during early development, stress
effects on learning and memory and its neural substrates, and sex
differences in stress effects.  Evaluation will be based on brief
written summaries of the assigned weekly readings, two take-home
essay exams (a midterm and a final), a paper, and class
participation.  This class is recommended for neuroscience majors

Prerequisite:  P326 or P346