Psychology and Brain Sciences | Topics in Psychology: Advanced Clinical Psychological Science
P457 | 28492 | Hetrick, W.

This course challenges the status quo related to theory and practice
within the people-helping
professions, such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and
social work. With a strong emphasis on class discussions, much
attention in the first few weeks is given to understanding the
seduction of pseudo science and the necessary development of
critical thinking skills.  During this time we will critically
examine the use of controversial mental health therapies.  In
general, the course focuses on a variety of topics related to the
development, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based
psychological interventions.  We address the limitations of judgment
concerning personal and clinical decisions, the seduction of pseudo
science, and some Freudian fallacies.  We examine the theoretical
foundations of cognitive behavior therapy and study criteria for
determining that a psychological intervention is in fact empirically
supported.   The remainder of the course will be devoted to the
clinical practice and evaluation of evidence-based psychotherapy for
major psychological disorders such as depression, generalized
anxiety disorder, alcoholism, and sexual dysfunctions.  These issues
and topics will be explored mostly through readings, quizzes, and
class discussions, but also through oral presentations and lectures.