Religious Studies | Jesus and the Gospels
A320 | 27817 | J. Harrill

Above course preq. REL-R220 or REL-A220 OR permission of the
The above course carries Culture Studies A distribution credit
The above course carries COLL A&H distribution credit
Previously REL-R320
The purpose of this course is to consider the problem of how
historical facts and religious persuasion are related where a
religion, such as Christianity, lays claim to historical truth.
Since the Enlightenment this has been a matter of considerable
intellectual and cultural interest.  The laboratory specimen for
examining this issue has been the figure of Jesus, at least since
the nineteenth century.  The basic questions are:  Who was he?  What
can we know about him that will satisfy ordinary standards of
historical knowledge?  What difference does it make?  Attempts to
answer these questions have resulted in what is usually called
the "quests" for the "historical Jesus."  What these quest are all
about is the central issue of this course.  The student will learn
about historical methodology and about a major religious figure
about which there is considerable academic and theological debate.
Prerequisite:  In order to register for this course, the student
must have successfully passed REL-A 220 "Introduction to the New
Testament."  Students without REL-A 220 need to have the
instructor's permission.