Religious Studies | Judaism and Gender: Philosophical & Theological Perspectives
A440 | 27886 | S. Magid

Above class open to Jewish Studies students only
Above class obtain online authorization from Jewish Studies
Above class carries Culture Studies A credit
Above class carries COLL A & H distribution credit
Above class meets with another section of REL-A440
Please see REL-A440 (27886) for description
Previously REL-R421
This course will explore the question of gender and Judaism from two
related but distinct perspectives: the philosophical/theological and
the jurisprudential. That is, we will explore the issue of gender as
a question of justice and as a category of legal (halakhic)
legislation in Judaism. One goal will be to examine whether
legislative solutions, e.g. ritual egalitarianism, are adequate
responses to the question of gender and the larger societal,
cultural, and theological issues that are at stake when we talk
about “gender” in a traditionalist framework. The theoretical
discussion about gender will serve as the framework for the more
focused discussion about law in general and halakha in particular.
We will also look at Jewish discussions of gender in comparative
perspective with Christianity and Islam.